Recommended Takeaway Meals at Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro
At Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro, we offer a unique dining experience for our visitors with our master chefs and baristas. We offer takeaway service at any time of the day to deliver any food you want instantly.

At Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro, we offer a unique dining experience for our visitors with our master chefs and baristas. We offer takeaway service to deliver any food you want at any time of the day. Our motorized couriers deliver your orders in the heat of the moment.

We are also aware that it can be quite difficult to make a decision when it comes to the best food to order in a restaurant. In this article, we have listed a few of the dishes we deliver with our takeaway service to make your job easier.

Here are 10 dishes you can order to takeaway from Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro!

A worldwide favorite: Pizzas

Four Cheese Pizza from Shakespeare Cofee&Bistro, one of the best restaurants in Antalya
Four Cheese Pizza

Do you love cheese? What about pizzas? Imagine four different cheese flavors melted and mixed together and served on a thin crust. Are you curious about the four cheeses we use in our four cheese pizza that will blow the minds of cheese lovers at Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro? We use mozzarella, roquefort, parmesan and cream cheese. Double your happiness with our authentic, Italian-style cheese pizza!

Order now and take advantage of our takeaway service and enjoy your four cheese pizza wherever you want.

Tenderloin Pizza

A great alternative to standard pizza for meat lovers! It would be a crime not to include this pizza, which combines pizza and juicy tenderloin meat to create an explosion of flavor. With mozzarella, special marinated beef tenderloin pieces, served with arugula and mild chili peppers, there's something delicious for everyone!

If you are undecided about what to order, think no more; Tenderloin pizza is the savior of your indecisive moments.

For Those Who Say I'm Not Me When I'm Hungry: Main Dishes

Mushroom Tenderloin

Delicious flavor combining tenderloin with mushrooms! Juicy, tender grilled beef tenderloin is always welcome at the table. At Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro, we bring the love of mushrooms and meat to your table by preparing the tenderloin with mushroom dömiglas sauce and vegetable garnish.

Mushroom tenderloin, which can be the star of a special and delicious dinner with your family, is a great dish that you can order to take away!

Grilled Chicken and Warm Quinoa

Light and filling! Grilled chicken, where we combine health and taste, is one of the most frequently consumed and favorite dishes. We have customized this dish with the interpretation of Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro; we have brought together soft grilled chicken fillets that taste just right with their sauce and consistency, and a salad with quinoa and arugula, the benefits of which are countless.

Grilled chicken and warm quinoa that leaves you wanting more with every bite is a great flavor that you can order at home!

Grilled Salmon

For those who love seafood, we added Norwegian salmon to our menu. We grilled Norwegian salmon with healthy fats, low in calories and very beneficial, and combined it with vegetable garnish and parmesan cheese.

You should definitely try grilled salmon, which will perfectly fit into the table you will prepare at home and will delight your palates!

Special for those who say they don't eat meat: Vegan Food

Vegetarian food in Antalya: You'll love Kale Salad with Chickpeas from Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro1
Kale Salad with Chickpeas

A dizzying harmony of vegetables! We are sure you will love our salad prepared with kale leaves, lettuce, cucumber, green apple, walnut pieces, beetroot, spicy chickpeas and tahini sauce. You can pair it with your favorite appetizers or serve it as a hearty main course that will please everyone at your table.

Kale salad with chickpeas, which you can order immediately, will do a great job as a hearty main meal.

Falafel Burrito

The flavor that makes vegans smile! The falafel wrap that we prepare without using any animal food can be indispensable for you. Who can resist a delicious falafel wrap prepared with fried falafel in a tortilla, garden greens salad, tahini sauce and spicy fries?

You can instantly order falafel wraps that you can enjoy at any meal of the day by taking advantage of our takeaway service.

Special for Those Who Keep Their Form: Fit Options


"The whole world is a stage and everyone, men and women, is an actor. They enter or leave when their turn comes..." We prepare this wonderful dish named after Juliet, the crown jewel of Shakespeare's unforgettable play, with julienne chicken slices and blend it with sautéed fresh vegetables and soy sauce.

We believe that Juliet is a flavor that will please everyone who cares about keeping fit or has healthy eating habits.

Gorgeous Desserts for Smiling Closings

Eton Mess

Have you met our light and alluring eton mess dessert? Named after the city where it originated, we customize this English delicacy with the difference of Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro. We combine merengue pieces with special cream, granola, hazelnuts, raspberry sauce, forest fruits and peanuts.  

Thinking that there is always room for a delicious dessert with a soft texture of fresh fruits and creams after a delicious meal, we included our Eton Mess dessert in our takeaway menu.


Prepared for coffee lovers with a sweet tooth! An all-time favorite when it comes to Italian dessert recipes. Try our authentic dessert that we prepared in Italian style by staying true to the original!

Tiramisu with coffee and mascarpone cheese can be the perfect accompaniment to your favorite drinks or the perfect after-dinner dessert.

You can access our full takeaway menu by clicking here and experience the warm Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro flavors wherever you want, whenever you want.

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