Restaurant 10 Reasons to Choose Shakespeare
10 reasons to choose Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro. Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro, one of the best restaurants in Antalya, offers a rich menu with delicious options, a suitable environment for groups and an understanding of satisfying its visitors in central locations of the city.

No one wants to leave the restaurant they visit unhappy. We do not think that you can visit Shakespeare Coffe&Bistro, which distinguishes itself as a quality restaurant with various factors such as good food and a nice atmosphere, and leave unhappy.

We have a wide variety of dishes on our menu and prepare them with care, meeting all the features you are looking for in a restaurant.

we create the right environment for your happy memories. Read the rest of our article to find out how!

1. Make Your Choice with a Rich Menu

From Italy to India, from England to France, we include both local and world flavors in our menu. Thanks to our experienced chefs and kitchen colleagues, we welcome you at Shakespeare Coffe&Bistro in our warm atmosphere with our extensive menu that appeals to all kinds of palates.

When we say "all kinds", we really mean "all" kinds of palates; from meat lovers to vegetarians, from vegan menus to Asian-inspired menus, we have created a menu that branches and branches! We even have a special fit menu for those who watch their calorie intake!

2. We Can Hear the Alcohols You Wish You Could Drink

It would be impossible not to crown our rich menu with a wide range of alcohol options. At Shakespeare Coffe&Bistro, we allow you to experience the kind of alcohol you want alongside delicious food!

In our branches, we offer wines, draft beers, whiskeys, vodkas, tequilas, gins and liqueurs, as well as a wide selection of cocktails to suit your taste. Don't forget to enjoy the unique flavors while sipping your drinks.

3. We are in the Most Popular Areas of Cities

You don't have to go far for a good meal. Shakespeare Coffe&Bistro is not hard to find!  

If you want to take a break from your fun activities to recover with a coffee and enjoy delicious food, you can easily reach Shakespeare Coffe&Bistro with your own car or even on foot.

4. Did Someone Mention Comfort?

The main point we focus on is your happiness! For this reason, we have created a warm atmosphere; we draw a sincere venue profile with our pleasant seating areas and peaceful ambiance.

With our friendly staff and an environment designed for your comfort, we offer you a delicious and relaxing experience.

5. Your Satisfaction is Our Top Priority

We continue to progress successfully on the path we follow for the happiness of our visitors. Here are the comments of a few of our customers who described us as the best restaurant in Antalya:

"I've been here a couple of times with my friends and my wife. The friendly staff who greeted me at the door, the fast service, the quality of the products... Everything was just right."

"It's a place where you can chat comfortably. A place where I can find what I need at any time of the day. I like their food and desserts."

"This café is a place where people can spend time with family or friends. The schnitzel, pizza, spaghetti, desserts, children's playground and park, the environment is ideal."

To read all the comments, you can check our Google Maps records

6. Who Likes Waiting?

We know how annoying it is to be kept waiting. Especially when you're hungry, waiting can be a nightmare. When it comes to speed, we're sure you won't be disappointed here.

At Shakespeare Coffe&Bistro, we don't waste your time; we serve your food and drinks instantly as soon as you order.

7. Are you one of those who like to be together?

Shakespeare Coffe&Bistro is a great place to meet with your friends, family and relatives!

It is possible to organize various events such as celebrations and meetings with your loved ones accompanied by a good meal.

8. Enjoy Great Coffee

Good quality coffee is the perfect companion! It is with you at the start and end of the day. It is the coffee that keeps you focused while you work and supports you by boosting your energy as you strive to complete your most important tasks.

At Shakespeare Coffe&Bistro, we offer our visitors good coffees prepared by experienced hands with our special coffee menu. You can enjoy it alone or with dessert after meals, and spice up your pleasant conversations with your loved ones with coffee!

9.Let the outdoors add flavor to your meal

Everyone loves to sit in front of a beautiful view and enjoy a cup of coffee, dinner with a pleasant breeze and a balcony. At Shakespeare Coffe&Bistro, we also create outdoor areas in our branches so that our visitors can feel this love all the time.

In branches such as Alanya Roof, Sahil Antalya, Liman, Fener, it is possible to sit outdoors and enjoy the view!

10.Our food menu is at your service at any time of the day

When you come to Shakespeare Coffe&Bistro, you are unlikely to find the kind of food you are looking for! You can have the meal of your choice, followed by dessert and coffee! And time is not important at all!

No matter what time you arrive, you can enjoy a freshly made hot meal with a varied menu.

We would be happy to welcome you in our branches located in the center of Antalya! You can easily reach our branches from the links below, and if you wish, you can take advantage of our takeaway service by contacting us here.

Antalya Fener (W) Branch - Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro (

Antalya Lara (Dedeman) - Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro (

Büyük Çaltıcak Fourest Branch - Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro (

Antalya Konyaalti (Gursu) Branch - Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro (

Antalya Mall of Antalya (Deepo) - Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro (

Sahil Antalya Yaşam Park Branch - Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro (

Antalya 5M Migros Shopping Mall Branch - Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro (

Antalya Liman Branch - Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro (

Antalya Tahtali Mountain Branch - Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro (

Antalya Alanya Branch - Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro (

Manavgat Branch - Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro (

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