10 Shakespeare Cocktails you must try!
Cocktails have alcoholic and non-alcoholic options. In Shakespeare, it is possible to find cocktails for every taste.

Drinks made by mixing various drinks or fruit juices in certain proportions are called cocktails.


Cocktails are drinks with beautiful colour, smell and appearance prepared by mixing various drinks and fruit juices compatible with each other. The important thing when preparing a cocktail is not to mix too many drinks with each other, but to mix the appropriate drinks in the right proportions.

Cocktails have alcoholic and non-alcoholic options. In Shakespeare, it is possible to find cocktails for every taste.


Cocktails You Must Try at Shakespeare


1- Margarita

You can find this cocktail in all the places you go to. You can even make this cocktail at home by mixing tequila and lemon juice. As a presentation, you can add ice into a glass glass and a fruit slice on the edge.


2- Martini

If you like white wine, you should definitely try it. White wine is prepared with the addition of water, spices, fragrant herbs and caramel. The alcohol ratio is usually between 15%-20%. It has its own special glass. It should be wide and shallow.


3- Bellini

An incredible combination of champagne and peach puree, we recommend this cocktail to those who like to drink champagne.


4- Mojito

It is also known as the traditional cocktail of Cuba. It is prepared with 5 ingredients: sugar, lime, soda, mint and rum. The sugar used and the green mint chosen as a garnish lighten the strong taste of the rum.


5- Piña Colada

As you can understand from its name, this cocktail comes from the Spanish cuisine. Piña means pineapple in Spanish. It is very popular in Central and Latin America. This sweet cocktail contains coconut oil, rum and pineapple juice.


6- Sex On The Beach

This cocktail, which can be drunk by everyone from seven to seventy, is among the official cocktails of the International Bartenders Association. In Turkey, it is made with devodka, tequila, pomegranate syrup (grenadine) and orange juice, but in other countries schweppes and cranberry juice are also used.


7- Julep

In America, it is made with ice, sugar and mint. Whiskey is used as the main drink. This cocktail is prepared in two separate glasses and is usually served with mint leaves and grapes.


8- Pousse Cafe

This drink, which was born in France, is made by heterogeneously adding colourful liqueurs with other beverages in a glass. In America, it is called Rainbow Cocktail. It is a drink that requires a lot of attention. A cocktail master is used to avoid mixing the liqueurs.


9- Cosmopolitan

Vodka is used as the main drink and lemon and cranberry juice are also added. Most importantly, orange liqueur (Cointreau) is added. It is served with a lemon slice. Due to its fresh and flavourful taste, it can be one of the cocktails you can drink at all seasons.


10- Long Island Iced Tea

As you can understand from its name, it contains cold tea. Usually bergamot is used. In addition, unlike other cocktails, different and large numbers of alcohol are used in it. Liqueur, tequila, gin and rum are the basis of this cocktail.

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