Where to Eat Pizza in Antalya? At Shakespeare Bistro!
Pizza, the popular choice for happy moments, continues to be the crown jewel of group gatherings. So where to eat a delicious and good pizza in Antalya? Of course at Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro! We prepare unique pizzas that preserve their original taste as if they were touched by an Italian hand and with love.

As such, it becomes very difficult to choose among our different pizzas. For this reason, we have listed Shakespeare Bistro pizzas for you! A variety of pizzas that you can enjoy by yourself or with your friends are waiting for you in our branches.

Here are 9 different Shakespeare Pizzas you must try!

Alaturka Pizza from Shakespeare Coffe & Bistro, one of the best pizzerias in Antalya. We interpreted pizza with Turkish flavors.

1. Alaturka Pizza

Alaturka Pizza is a successful adaptation of pizza, which has spread from Italian kitchens to the world, according to Turkish palate and eating habits. It is made with indispensable products of Turkish cuisine such as sausage, salami, peppers and corn. Shakespeare cooks Alaturka Pizza in its own unique way. Consisting of mozzarella, special marinated beef tenderloin pieces and arugula, Alaturka Pizza is the number one choice for meat lovers who also love pizza.

Served with hot pickles, this pizza draws a profile close to traditional Turkish flavors.

If you are looking for Antalya Lara Pizza Restaurant, you should try these pizzas at Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro.

2. Four Cheese Pizza

Let's get cheese lovers here! This pizza, where various cheeses melt and mix together, will be your number one! "Four Cheese Pizza", which can be consumed even for breakfast, is an Italian recipe, but it has not stayed within the borders of its country, it has become a flavor that almost the whole world likes. The best place to eat it in Antalya is of course Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro.

Combining four different cheeses - mozzarella, roquefort, parmesan and cream cheese - you will be addicted to this special pizza!

If you are looking for Antalya Konyaaltı Pizza restaurant, our pizza menu is waiting for you in our Sahil Antalya, Konyaaltı Gürsu and Liman branches!

3. Neapolitan Pizza

No pizza is as famous as the one in Naples, Italy. Neapolitan pizza, which has become a symbol of Naples, is one of the oldest and most traditional recipes in Italy. The Italians have even started an association to preserve the recipe. At Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro, this pizza is made with mozzarella, black olives and fresh basil in water.

Neapolitan Pizza, which turns into a visual feast with the toppings added to the thick and crispy crust on the edges and thin dough in the middle, satisfies the eyes as well as the stomach. You can enjoy Neapolitan Pizza, the indispensable flavor of pizza lovers, alone or with your friends, and you can multiply its flavor with the drinks you will consume with it.

If you are looking for a delicious pizza restaurant for Antalya Pizza Order; We also offer our Shakespeare flavors as takeaway service. You can click here and order pizza!

4. Pizza Margarita

When it comes to pizza, almost everyone approves of the taste of this pizza and it is a legend. One of the most addictive pizzas, the margarita is made with only three ingredients: mozzarella, tomato sauce and basil.

Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro's Margarita, which gains a new taste with its original recipe with minor changes, consists of mozzarella, tomato and fresh oregano.

For this reason, we can say that margarita is the simplest form of pizza. With its thin crust and plenty of mozzarella cheese, margarita, which has become a cult flavor with very few ingredients, will please pizza lovers with good taste.

Looking for the nearest pizzeria restaurant? We would love to welcome you at one of the Shakespeare branches nearest to you. Click here to find out about our branches .

5. Chicken Caesar Pizza

It is a fact that the water stops flowing when pizza is mentioned. It is also true that calorie counts are put aside and it is consumed not only to be full but also to be happy. Our pizza with its extraordinary flavors, this time with chicken!

The delicious Chicken Caesar Pizza is prepared with mozzarella, spicy chicken slices, lettuce, parmesan and caesar sauce.

This protein-rich pizza is the pinnacle of chicken flavors.

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6. Brisket Pizza

"BRISKET" is a large piece of meat located on the underside of the first five ribs of the calf, in front of the breast. It is a brisket with a very fatty structure. It is a very hard meat due to the collagen fibers forming the connective tissue. The tough meat is cooked by slow cooking, that is, by smoking it for long hours at a low temperature in a way that the fire does not come into direct contact with the meat. When cooked indirectly, in one piece, in the smoke of a wood fire for 12-15 hours, an insatiable flavor is obtained. As a result of the long cooking, the muscle tissue softens, the meat becomes shredded and the flavor of the wood smoke penetrates the meat. It is very difficult to apply this cooking method in the oven or on a normal barbecue. That's why special barbecues called smokers, which keep the smoke and water vapor inside at about 100-150 degrees, are used.

Your favorite brisket combined with pizza and turned into brisket pizza! The perfect blend of cheese, meat and sauces! Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro prepares delicious brisket pizzas with smoked beef brisket, mozzarella, onion, jalapeño, BBQ sauce, parmesan and arugula.

When you're craving a juicy barbecue meat, especially if you love brisket, this pizza shines among the delicious alternatives you can choose. You can have pizza and meat in one go!

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7. Mixed Pizza

If you love all pizzas and can't choose the toppings, this Mixed Pizza is for you! With this pizza with plenty of toppings on a soft dough that goes well with tea, you can consume all the toppings you can't decide on at once!

The delicious Mixed Pizza is prepared with mozzarella, pepperoni, salami, sausage, sausage, mushrooms, colored peppers and black olives. In terms of the ingredients used, just like Alaturka Pizza, it draws a more traditional profile that is more suitable for Turkish cuisine and taste.

Where to eat pizza in Antalya? Of course at Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro!

8. Eggplant and Goat Cheese Pizza

Eggplant and Goat Cheese Pizza Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro combines two wonderful flavors such as goat cheese and eggplant that melts while cooking in the wood fire! You will be surprised how well fried eggplant goes on thin dough!

Made with mozzarella, goat cheese, eggplant, roasted red peppers and caramelized onions, this pizza has a unique flavor. If you love eggplant, you should definitely add it to your bucket list!

One of our signature flavors: Robespiere Pizza

9. Robespiere Pizza

Robespiere, a thinly sliced meat dish, meets pizza! Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro prepares Robespiere Pizza with mozzarella, beef tenderloin, soy sauce, olive oil, black pepper, parmesan and arugula.

Beef tenderloin combined with soy sauce adds a flavor to the pizza that will please meat lovers. Olive oil adds a classic Italian touch to the pizza and the result is a delicious Robespiere Pizza.

You can taste the pizzas produced by skillful hands with quality ingredients at the nearest Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro branch, or you can experience them instantly with the online ordering service by clicking here.

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